Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cousin Mark Manley

Family DNA actually found Mark for us, from the DNA and surname. His genetic distance is given at "4". I am still not sure what this means. It can be given in generations or time - I think.

But we have an additional "check" because Mark gave me his Manley family tree back to George Manly of Talaton. Here it is:

Donald Mark Manley (me) b. 1954 in LA
Leslie Earl "John" Manley (my father) b. 1906 in LA, d. 1975 in LA
Stephen Homer "Steve" Manly (my grandfather) b. 1885 in LA, d. 1958 in LA
Ross Holmes Manly (my great grandfather) b. 1855 in MO, d. 1927 in LA
Martin V. Manley (my 2nd great grandfather) b. 1834 in OH, d. after 1880 (in AR?)
Benjamin Smith Manley (my 3rd great grandfather) b. 1798 in MA, d. 1871 in OH
Martin Manley (my 4th great grandfather) b. 1770 in CT, d. 1844 in OH
George Manley (my 5th great grandfather) b. 1735 in CT, d. 1815 in MA
William Manley (my 6th great grandfather) b. 1703 in MA, d. 1788 in CT
Lazarus Manley (my 7th great grandfather) b. 1668 in England, d. 1747 in CT
George Manley (my 8th great grandfather) b. about 1624 in England

Note where Mark's tree branches. He comes from the line of Lazarus' older brother William (born in 1703 in MA). It's possible to show this link in most ancestry sites. I'm going to link it on WikiTree, but I should be able to link it on Family DNA as well and note it on Cathy Sockol's site.

Question. Does this make Mark my 1st cousin 6 times removed? Or my 6th cousin? :) Seriously!
I think we went through this when we visited the Carharts with Ann. 

Note that Mark's family moved to Los Angeles from Missouri some time after 1855. I wonder, though, whether Ross Holmes Manly knew any of our Manley's in Missouri. Granddad was born in the 1870's and went to Grinnell College in Iowa. NT Manley was living in Carthage, I think.  

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