Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lazarus in the New World

That's our Lazarus, of course, son of George Manly of Talaton. It turns out that he was quite an enterprising young man after he had come to the US. He was a millwright, which meant that he designed and built mills. This involved scouting out choice spots to build them, buying the land, building the mill, getting it going, then selling it, and investing the proceeds in a new project. According to Colonial Ancestors, he did this no fewer than ten times!

Colonial Ancestors is a wonderfully-researched book on four colonial families, one of which is ours. It is available online as as a digital download here. Look on page 119 (in the book, not the PDF) and you see the beginning of the account of Lazarus. Here is a screen-save from page 120 showing the "salt box" house that Lazarus lived in in 1706.
The house is located in Southold, Long Island, New York. In particular, "It is situated at the west end of Southold on the corner
of Ackerly Pond Road and Lower Road," says the text on page 121. The legend below the images reads, "Courtesy The Suffolk Times and Joy Bear, the artist."

A Google Maps search of this location comes up with a dead ringer of this artistic rendering.
The foliage makes it hard to set up exactly the same vantage point as the image in the book, but the author attests, "Their charming little house, a saltbox, now with weathered gray shingles and white trim remains in use today as a
private home."

(And, when Googled, for sale. Anyone interested?)

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