Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cousins: How to Count Them: Mark and Me

Here are the relations that Mark sent me and which appear earlier: Lazarus is our common ancestor.

Mark's Side Lazarus Jim's Side
William Brothers John
George 1st Cousins John
Martin 2nd Cousins Ira
Benjamin 3rd Cousins NT
Martin V 4th Cousins Lewis N Manley Sr.
Ross Holms 5th Cousins Lewis N Manley Jr.
Stephen Homer 6th Cousins Jim
Leslie Earl 6th Cousin Once Removed To Me
Mark 6th Cousin 2x Removed To Me

Here is the chart that my Sister sent me showing the relationships. This helps. But I'm not sure I've nailed it. My conjecture: Mark and I are 6th cousins, twice removed.

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