Saturday, March 28, 2015

Breaking News: A Closer Connection to the Maule Line - and Possibly George Manly's Father

Doug Manley sent  a detailed and credible spreadsheet of the data on the earliest Manleys including George Manly. In this spreadsheet, a father to George was listed. This is the first time I have seen that. The name of the father is given as Thomas Manley, b. 1610 in London, Westminster.

This struck me immediately because one of the two DNA candidates for the father of George Manly is named Thomas Maule, b. 1606.  The dates are close. (The disparity could be due to the difference between a birth date and a christening date.)

The other candidate is Georgius Maule himself, but he would be older. 1590 is given as one of his birth dates, but they vary from 1541 to 1580. However, the anglicized version of his name appears often in the George Manly line, not just for George, but down the line as well.

So if Thomas Maule = Thomas Manley, we have additional confirmation for a "Thomas" as father to our George Manly. I find this most encouraging.

More: in Doug's spreadsheet, Thomas is listed as coming from Westminster, London. Jim Maule writes about the Maule family  as coming from Buckingham, near present day Bletchley outside of London. And that they had homes there.  So Thomas Maule  and Thomas Manley share a common ancestral location in London and near London.

Doug's spreadsheet does not list a spouse for Thomas, but Thomas Maule is listed as having a spouse named Susana Throckmorton. If we can locate a record of a Thomas Manley with the same spouse, then Thomas Maule and Thomas Manley are very, very likely to be identical. I think the name variation (Maule/Manley) has complicated the search for George's father, but that the DNA linkage adds support for a "Thomas" as father of George.

A next step could be to search the data bases for a Thomas Manley of that approximate birth date and see whether any Throckmorton spouses turn up. That would certainly add support that Thomas Maule and Thomas Manley are the same and that this individual is the likely father of George Manly.

Here are portions  the lines from Doug's spreadsheet that relate to the Thomas in question: There are three, but the third has the fullest record. The spreadsheet indicates the source as along with additional sources.

The death place is listed for the 3rd Thomas as Bunbury, Cheshire. Cheshire, of course, is replete with Manleys, including a village named Manley.

B C Birth/Christen
Manly   1598        
Manley Thomas          
Manley Thomas 2-7-1610       Westminster, London, England

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